Affiliate Marketing, Simply Follow These 5 Steps For Success!

You have just seen a brilliant product and you would like to sign up as an Affiliate but before you do, here are a a small number of points to save you time and money!

1. Is the sales letter first-class? Look at the headline, it’s publicly known that a great headline creates a huge difference (it’s been shown that 75% of people make up their minds in relation to buying that product simply from reading the headline).

Is the remainder of the website sales copy of high quality, do you find yourself reading through the rest of the sales letter? Would you purchase the product for your own use? If you said yes, subsequently other people will more than likely do so as well.

2. Is there anything on that website to distract your visitor’s attention from making a purchase?Or something that might mean you lose out on a commission. For example…

• Phone numbers that the buyer could order from and deal directly with the seller, causing you to lose out on a commission,
• E-mail address optin boxes for the same purpose as above.
• Lots of pop ups or time-consuming webpages that could annoy your potential customer. (People would like everything in an split second so don’t expect them to stay to long on your site!)

3. Lots of testimonials on the website, the more testimonials they have the better, certainly when providing details how that person has actually benefited from using that product.

4. What guarantee is being presented with the product, is it a 60 day money back promise. Dont be concerned in relation to a longer guarantee costing you cash and customers asking for their money back because the longer the guarantee is, the less refunds you will get.

5. If you can, purchase the product yourself so you discover first hand if it is good, there is no point sending traffic to a site, creating several commissions at that time discovering that the merchandise is sub standard quality and everybody wants their money back.

This should save you a lot of time and frustration when looking for a product to affiliate….And remember not everybody looking on the web is looking to buy something so dont be discouraged if you get a few No’s before you get a Yes.

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