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Internet Marketing is an extremely lucrative career if pursued earnestly and in the right ways, however it is no get rich quick scheme, which is often the case put forward by so many of the “Guru’s” that have set themselves up and unfortunately give our profession a bad name.

Fortunately for us there are some extremely good, and strangely oftentimes free resources out there that we can use to help us unravel the mysteries of SEO, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and article writing. Ezine which is where I write and you are reading this is an extremely popular site and one of the best for submitting articles to since it is SEO optimized and gives great power to the back links that you get from the bio’s attached to each article you submit, and best of all from the writers perspective it is free to join. There are many other similar sites available and you can easily perform a web search to find a publisher that suits your needs and style of writing.

The big question is where do we go to find out which sites can be helpful and which tools will be of use in setting us along the right road to Internet marketing success? I have chosen to do my Internet Marketing with the Wealthy Affiliate University, but at the same time I am also participating in Ed Dale’s 30 Day Challenge. The 30 Day Challenge is a free to enter training program which runs each year from the 1st August for 30 days, The idea of the challenge is to get you set up to the point where you have earned your first $ 10 on-line. There is also no marketing performed by Ed Dale’s team during the course of the challenge.

I have found this combination to be extremely helpful in learning all of the pitfalls and hurdles to be taken and/or avoided in managing to start up an Internet Marketing career. The 30 day challenge gives the initial training and impetus and the Wealthy Affiliate University provides the tools needed to perform most of the required tasks as well as containing a forum where you can discuss topics of difficulty or interest with the owners or any of the more experienced marketers. This is particularly useful for the beginner, but also for the experienced marketer with challenges again I should point out that there are other similar courses available. There are many other places where you might get similar facilities, but I cannot  vouch for them. When you make your selection  please ensure that you choose a reputable company that does not attempt to scam either its members nor the public with high pressure tactics and up-sells.

The Author Stephen Parkin is a member of the Wealthy Affiliate University and the co owner, with his wife Shauna La Pierre, of Pine Grove Stable in Nova Scotia Canada. As well as the stable which is run along Classical Dressage Training lines he is interested in Internet Marketing, Photography, Classical Guitar and his two dogs (a border collie and a labrador retriever).

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