Pawsome Friends are Finally Coming to ‘The Sims’

It’s finally happening. After years and years of playing the famous Sims games, they have decided that it’s time to add the purrrfect best friends in the mix! That’s right, Sims 4 will be customizing Cats and Dogs!

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    Via: The Sims

    Publisher Electronic Arts (AKA creators of the Sims games EA) announced at Gamescom that after 3 successful game of the Sims and and after long, petless years… Cats and Dogs will be making their debut this time in the new The Sims 4.

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    Via: The Sims

    The new expansion, ironically named Cats & Dogs, will add a robust “Create A Pet” tool allowing players to customize their own furry companions right down to their age, breed and personality traits! So the players will be able to mix multiple breeds together and design their pets’ coats with a palette of patterns and colors. The expansion will also add a variety of clothing and accessories for pets.

    In addition to pets, Cats & Dogs, it will also introduce a variety of other options that have never been featured. Such as, a veterinarian occupation, adding the ability to build and run a vet business from the ground up, and an activities centered around the new pets that will be available at Brindleton Bay, including fetch, obstacle courses and picking up the occasional stray cat or dog!

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    Via: The Sims

    So when can we expect this to be ready? Well, insiders say that the new pawstudded game should be available Nov. 10 for Mac and Windows PC.

    That’s not sooo far away. I guess we can wait!

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