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Site Rubix is a website maker at the Wealthy Affiliate University for internet marketers. It consists of an online visual interface designed to make quick websites. It claims to be ‘the ideal tool for creating highly optimized websites for internet marketers’. But is it? This is Site Rubix Reviewed.

Back a few years ago, when Site Rubix was launched, there was a general sense of unease at Wealthy Affiliate. They had a website builder all to themselves. The general idea of the website maker is to make it simple for people to create websites. Well, is it? It took me a bit of getting used to, and I’m quite tech-savvy. Once you have scaled the learning curve though, it becomes quite simple to make websites.

Basically, your website consists of a bunch of ‘frames’ or tables, which can be divided up into parts. So, I might have 5 frames on my page with the first one split 30/70. Each table can have some form of content in it, like text, graphics or videos. It does take a bit of getting used to, because you have to specify each what type of content each frame can take. This is controlled by a small green button in the corner. After you have done all your frame setting up, it it very easy to add an remove content as you please.

Site Rubix comes with several pre-built headers which you can overlay text onto, or you can add your own, which isn’t hard to do. All text on the page is controlled by basic word-processing tools, Bold, Italic, Underline, Justify etc.

My thoughts are that Site Rubix is quite controlling. It is fantastic for newcomers because it doesn’t require any HTML knowledge (and mine is limited). My also concern is that it requires a quick internet connection, because it reloads the page every time you make a change to it. That will be fine in a place with quick internet, but here in New Zealand (where it isn’t), it really is hard to use quickly.

Wealthy Affiliate also has free web hosting, which is beyond the scope of this article. But, it’s nice to see that Site Rubix and the hosting play nicely together, which is pleasant. I found it easy to upload my site.

All in all, Site Rubix is a pretty decent platform to create websites on. It will require a bit of reading up and some experimenting with, but once one if comfortable with the system, it doesn’t take long to use at all.

To learn more about Site Rubix and Wealthy Affiliate, download my free guide below.

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