So Why Do They Call it Affiliate Marketing?

If you’ve been interested in making money online legitimately, then you might have heard of Affiliate Marketing. Just what exactly is it and why is it such a popular business model for everyday people to achieve financial success?

The Internet is constantly expanding because it’s a great medium to sell things. Say one day you hear of a product on TV, like a new book. It’s raining outside and you don’t want to get wet. The book looks interesting so where do you go to find out more information on it?

The way that people make a living with Affiliate Marketing is by earning consistent commissions by providing quality reviews on products they may be interested in. Many people around the world are jumping onto the Affiliate Marketing bandwagon and this means that there can be a lot of competition getting your review seen. That’s one of the natural downsides of Affiliate Marketing that discourage people from pursuing it as a serious venture.

If you have a knack for helping people find what they want, then you have what it takes to become an Affiliate Marketer. The reason why so many people fail at Affiliate Marketing is because they get greedy and, blinded by the prospect of a generous commission, they don’t really provide much information to the prospect and not surprisingly, they don’t end up getting the commission at all.

Some people just aren’t going to be persuaded so I’m going to explain why Affiliate Marketing is legitimate. Marketing in general is defined as “helping people get what they want”. This definition is maintained online as well; like I said earlier, people go online to look for more information about something they’re thinking of buying. If they read an a article say that you wrote about a product and they click through a link you place on the article, they might just end up buying the product on the other end… if you gave them a good enough reason to buy it, that is.

You’re not spamming people. You’re not forcing people to read stuff that they don’t want to read. People are constantly looking for information online. Given that there is a lot of rubbish information out there on the Internet, people still have the choice to click and read or view things that they find interesting. It’s totally up to them.

And it’s totally up to you. If you want to squander your chance of earning commissions by giving a crappy review, fine by me, but if you put the person on the other side of the screen first and give them a hand, then you’re someone who sees the potential of Affiliate Marketing.

Johnson Kee is an Affiliate Marketer based in Melbourne, Australia.

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