Valerie Plame Wilson just $1 billion short of GoFundMe goal to buy Twitter, ban Trump, save world

There are plenty of conservatives and Republicans — #NeverTrump and MAGA alike — who think it would be best if President Trump eased up on the tweeting. They aren’t to be confused, though, with those who have argued that Twitter should ban Trump’s personal @realDonaldTrump account because of all the “hate tweets” it generates.

Then there’s the capitalist solution proposed by former covert CIA ops officer and 16th minute of fame seeker Valerie Plame Wilson. We missed the kickoff of her #BuyTwitter #Ban Trump GoFundMe effort, but now that it’s been live for five days, we can announced that she’s just $999,997,000 shy of her fundraising goal to purchase Twitter and kick Trump off the service.

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