Walmart’s new weapon in its fight against Amazon is its own stores

Order online, pickup at Walmart for like $2 off.

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In the fight for online shoppers, Walmart has one thing Amazon doesn’t: stores. Lots of em.

The retail giant is taking advantage of its one upper hand with a new way to get discounts when you shop online. For 10,000 of the most popular items sold only on, you’ll get a discount if you ship them to a local Walmart store instead of to your own address.

“This is consistent with Walmart’s long heritage,” said Marc Lore, president and CEO of Walmart U.S. e-commerce and the founder of Walmart’s acquisition

The discounts a few dollars on online-only items so far including car seats, toys, and TVs will be available starting April 19. Eventually, Walmart plans to roll out discounts for in-store pickup to 1 million products.

The pickup discount on a car seat on

Image: walmart

When Walmart in August acquired Lore’s which was basically the only real U.S. competitor to Amazon the big box store signaled its intention to take on the tech giant. Walmart introduced free two-day shipping in January on purchases of $35 and up. That move put the company on equal footing with Amazon for customers who don’t have Prime memberships.

The “last mile” of delivery to a customer’s exact address is usually the most expensive part for mega-retailers like Walmart. Avoiding that final cost will allow Walmart to lower its own costs and provide the discounts for pickup.

“We do believe this is unique to Walmart the ability to have 4,700 points of pickup,” Lore said.

Amazon doesn’t have actual stores (besides a bookstore and grocery store or two), but it does have Amazon Lockers, where you can ship your order to a predetermined Amazon location instead of your own address. Amazon Locker discounts, coming soon?

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