Zombie Elvis in ‘world’s dullest’ marathon – BBC News

Image copyright Simon Goldsmith
Image caption Simon Goldsmith is not sure how much of his zombie face will be left after 26 miles

A postman will dress as a “zombie” Elvis Presley to run 17 times around a village in the “world’s dullest marathon”.

It will be the second time Simon Goldsmith has done the run after he “invented” it in 2015 having failed to get a London Marathon place.

“I’ve decided the time is right for another go at this mind-numbing event,” Mr Goldsmith said of the event.

The run for charity takes place later in Martlesham Heath, Suffolk.

Mr Goldsmith, 43, who works as a postman in Ipswich, does a “low budget” Elvis tribute act under the name Harry Isaac Presley.

He began his 2015 marathon dressed in full Elvis gear, but eventually stripped down after it “got a bit hot”.

Image copyright Simon Goldsmith
Image caption Mr Goldsmith ran two years ago as “Elvis”, but this year will do it with “added zombie”

He intends to do the same this year, but has upped the ante by running as a zombie version of “the king”.

“My suit’s still stained with fake blood from a Halloween gig, so it will save me cleaning it,” Mr Goldsmith said.

Image copyright Google
Image caption The Martlesham Heath circuit takes in Eagle Way and the village green – several times

Last time, he was the only person to run the full 26.2 miles (42.1km) marathon – which he has once again dubbed the “world’s dullest” – but others joined in the odd 1.5-mile lap.

Image copyright Simon Goldsmith
Image caption Running as a zombie Elvis would save him getting his Halloween suit cleaned, Mr Goldsmith said

“I’m hoping to beat the course record – which shouldn’t be difficult, as it’s just me,” he said.

Mr Goldsmith hopes well-wishers will join him again, promising them none of the glamour or clamour of London’s marathon.

It will be “completely free of TV cameras and cheering crowds”, he said.

Image copyright Simon Goldsmith
Image caption Mr Goldsmith was joined last time by the occasional cyclist and some dogs

Mr Goldsmith expects to take five hours to complete the marathon.

He will start early after realising he had double-booked Sunday and is expected to entertain party-goers as “Elvis” in the evening.

He is raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Read more: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-suffolk-39704327

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